* 1. Which year did you join SNDA? 

* 2. Have you accessed the current SNDA website before?
(If no, please proceed to Q6)

* 3. In the past year, how often did you visit the SNDA website?

* 4. Please rank the most common reasons for visiting the website.
(1 being the most common, 5 being the least common). Please leave option '6' to others

* 5. On a scale of 1 – 5, please rate how you find the following SNDA website features. Please elaborate if not user friendly, under the comments box in the Question 10: i.e. Question 5 - I don't know where the resource tab is 

  Not user friendly Neutral Very user friendly
CE Event registration
CE submission
Resource download

* 6. Please let us know why you do not access the SNDA website

* 7. Before today, were you aware that Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) was available online for SNDA members?

* 8. Are there any other types of resources that you would like SNDA to provide in the future?

Please list your top 3 choices in the comment box as such: 

* 9. If the additional resources as suggested by you are high cost items, will you be willing to pay additional subsidized fee for such resources?

* 10. Do you have any other feedback or comments for the SNDA Main Committee?