In 2008, Minnesota voters approved a constitutional amendment apportioning part of their sales tax dollars to support the environment and the arts for 25 years.

The Minnesota Public Television Association (MPTA) has been awarded a percentage of these funds for the 2011-2013 funding cycle to produce, broadcast and make available online programming about the arts and cultural heritage of Minnesota. The six stations of the MPTA are creating programs and content that feature artists, regional history and culture.

WDSE Duluth - The Playlist and additional Legacy productions
Lakeland Public Television, Bemidji/Brainerd - Common Ground and additional Legacy productions
Prairie Public Television, Fargo/Moorhead - Prairie Mosaic and additional Legacy productions
KSMQ, Austin/Rochester - Off 90 and additional Legacy productions
Pioneer Public Television, Appleton - Postcards and additional Legacy productions
Twin Cities Public Television, Minneapolis/St. Paul - MN Original and additional Legacy productions
How does Legacy-funded content affect the choices you make to support the arts? Your responses will be an important part of our reporting to the Minnesota State Legislature about the impact of arts and cultural programming on our community.
All multiple choice questions require an answer.

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2. Which of these most accurately describes you?

3. Have you had an increased interest or awareness of regional art, culture or history after watching a Legacy-funded television or online program?

4. Have you contacted an artist or historian because they had been featured in a Legacy-funded program?

5. Have you made a purchase or attended a performance, museum or gallery because you were inspired by a Legacy-funded television or online program?

6. If you are a parent, have you enrolled your child in a music, dance or art class, or taken your child to see a work of art or performance because you were inspired by a Legacy-funded television or online program?

7. If you are an educator, have you shared content, a program and/or an activity guide of a Legacy-funded television or online program with a student?

8. If you are an Artist or Participant who has been featured on a Legacy-funded television program, have you sold any work, been asked/hired to perform or received a grant as a result of having appeared?

9. What impact has Legacy-funded television or online content had on you or your family?

10. Why do you believe Legacy funding is important?

11. If you are an Educator, how have you used Legacy-funded content and/or related activity or educator guides in your classroom?

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