Implementing major change is challenging. Increasingly organisations are seeking to collaborate in what has been coined 'the age of alliances'. Limited research suggests that implementing change across two or more organisations is particularly demanding and has a high failure rate.

This survey has been sponsored by the APM's Programme Management SiG (ProgM) and forms part of a broader area of study which is being undertaken for the University of Portsmouth's doctoral research programme. The research findings will also inform a white paper which is to be published and disseminated through the Association.

If you have experience of major change whether in a single organisation or as part of a collaborative venture, I invite you to complete this on-line survey. The form consists of 19 questions with space for free text if you would like to expand upon any answers. The first part of the survey deals with major organisational change occurring in a single organisation, while the second part focuses on major collaborative change involving two or more organisations. Your views and comments are important. The research accords with the University's ethics policy and your input will be treated in confidence.

Your participation is valued and would be greatly appreciated. The research findings will be published in due course on the web-link shown at the end of this survey.

The APM is a registered charity. ProgM is made up of volunteers who share a passion for the effective delivery of change.

If you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact me at or alternatively you can email the Committee directly via:

Thank you.

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Jim Dale
ProgM Secretary and Doctoral Research Student