* 1. If an enrichment class was offered; in which time would you prefer participating?

* 2. How many days per week are appropriate for an enrichment program?

* 3. What is your expectation of the cost per session for an enrichment program?

* 4. Would a lack of transportation prevent you from participating in any before or after school enrichment programs?

* 5. If you participated in the 3:15pm or 5:15pm programs would you also utilize the Kaleidoscope Club program?

* 6. What would be your preferred duration of any enrichment program?

* 7. If your child is interested in learning a language, what would you want your child to learn?

* 8. If you answered "just the language" in question #7, would you participate in a year long Rosetta Stone "Spanish" language program if offered after school at a cost of $150/yr?

* 9. If we included a 5k/10k and kids 1 mile run on the weekend as part of the fall school marathon; would you or a family member run?

* 10. Please rank the following programs in order of greatest importance to you and your family. programs. (1 being most important, 13 being least important) Please note: the scale will update after each of your selections until complete.

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