This survey will help us support the efforts of the Neighbors Care Alliance (NCA). The NCA is a group of neighborhood organizations that assist seniors to stay independent and in their homes for as long as possible.
We would like to integrate LGBTQI Seniors both as clients and volunteers in the NCA. Please fill out the survey and return so that we can determine needs and willingness to volunteer.  Thank You.

                                       PLEASE RETURN BY DEC.1, 2016.

Southern Arizona Senior Pride
phone: 520-312-8923

* 1. Do you know LGBTQI Seniors who could use help with transportation, grocery shopping, companionship, dog walking, light housekeeping or yard work?

* 2. Do you think that coming out to their neighborhood volunteer organization is an issue for them and keeps them from seeking help?

* 3. Would you volunteer for your neighborhood organization to assist ALL clients who request help to stay at home?

* 4. If YES, what part of Tucson do you live in (major cross streets)?

* 5. Would you come out as LGBTQI to your neighborhood organization in order to be identified as someone who would be available to serve LGBTQI clients?

* 6. Would you be more likely to volunteer or recommend your neighborhood organization if you knew that they had culturally relevant education and training to serve the LGBTQI community?

* 7. Would you be more likely to volunteer or recommend your neighborhood organization if they were more visibly welcoming to the LGBTQI Community?

* 8. Would you be interested in being trained as a Senior Companion, serving LGBTQI low-income people 55 and older and people with disabilities who are isolated and homebound?

* 9. Would you be willing to be listed as a “friend” to isolated seniors or people with disabilities who call Southern Arizona Senior Pride wanting visits or phone calls regardless of income?

* 10. Include your Name, Phone and e-mail if you would like to be contacted.