If you've been part of a word of mouth system at McGill giving you information about which profs you are to be careful around because they are known/alleged en masse to be sexual harassers, I have a few questions for you!

This is for a McGill daily article arguing people have been part of those word of mouth systems for years without any consequences for professors or help from the administration.

Do you also mind sharing my post https://www.facebook.com/solalzenon/posts/10216627217661351 on your wall so that we reach more people? thanks!

This submission can be entirely anonymous if you don't give me your name!

EDIT as of 17/04: testimonies after this date will probably be used to be compiled on a page on the McGill Daily website their own linked to the article, we're trying to figure out if we have the right to compile the ones before that date on another page linked to the article or if we are legally obliged to keep it to the article page (all of this is as a matter of legal consent). This doesn't change anything about anonymity, that will still be respected.

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* 1. What years have you been at McGill University? or what year have you started hearing about specific predatory profs, if you are more comfortable?

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* 2. what department were you in? or at least faculty?

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* 3. How did you judge the scale of the word of mouth? Did a big or small circle of people knew? Did a lot or a few of profs were named—do you have a number?

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* 4. if you think of anything else that you think would be relevant, you can tell me too! otherwise you can pass this question

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* 5. I can name you or make you anonymous, what would you prefer? I can’t make a direct accusation of a prof anyways as a legal matter

You can contact me at Soheil Zénon on Facebook or culture@mcgilldaily.com by email if you have any questions/worries. Thanks for your testimony!