Please consider the following definitions of UNIT & UNIT OPERATIONS.

The Unit is the College of Education and Human Development within the ULM Campus.
Unit Operations refer to policies and activities that support students as they seek Education degrees. Unit Operations are related to Process in the Conceptual Framework and includes instruction, related experiences, and advisement, support mechanisms, structures and policies, and interactions with students, other faculty and staff members.

Please rate your overall impression of unit operations in your department and at the University of Louisiana Monroe. NOTE: You are asked to rate each element of Unit Operations in two ways: 1) Quality and 2) Importance. The last 2 questions ask you to describe the strongest support mechanism and the area of support you think most needs improvement.

* 1. How well does the unit address objectives outlined in the mission statement?

* 2. How well does the unit address objectives outlined in the Conceptual Framework?

* 3. How well does the unit achieve high caliber educational impact?

* 4. How well does the unit fulfill campus citizen obligations?

* 5. How well do you as a faculty member fulfill unit citizen obligations?

* 6. How prominent have the faculty become in their teaching, research, and service contributions?

* 7. Please describe what you consider to be the strongest UNIT OPERATION (support mechanism).

* 8. Please describe the one support system that you think most requires improvement/attention from the faculty.