Application Form: Due March 31, 2017

Applicants notified of acceptance: April 19, 2017

The Educator Institute immerses participants in the Humanities Center’s proven approach to increase student engagement through absent narratives – those voices often left out or marginalized. This experience prepares Minnesota educators to develop meaningful connections with their students and implement practical classroom strategies to bring absent narratives pedagogy into practice.



We welcome educators representing a wide variety of student-facing roles including: classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, administrative and support staff, and community educators. The strongest applicants will participate with a team for the entirety of the weeklong workshop, and have administrative support, demonstrated through a letter of support or direct participation. Applicants without a team or administrative support may still apply and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

The work of cultivating relationship-based educational change requires communities of support. In order to develop a robust statewide network, the Humanities Center expects the strongest applicants/teams will demonstrate:
 Commitment to collaboration
Applicants/Team Members are change makers in their building, willing to seek creative solutions within current structures and committed to drawing colleagues and community members into the process to collaborate for systemic change.
• Shared goals and vision
Applicants/Team members (and administration) share a sense of purpose to strengthen relationships and increase student engagement.
• Inclusive and connected
Team size is adequate to empower and support one another, typically 3-6 team members. They often work in the same building and are connected to and supported by their administration.
• Builds a network
Applicants/Teams may help to build a community of support in a school or district of a previous Educator Institute cohort member, and/or connect with previous Educator’s Institute participants following the week-long workshop.

In addition to the criteria above, the selection panel will be looking to build a diverse cohort across geographic location, demographics, lived experience, and familiarity with the Humanities Center work.

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Basic Information

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* 1. Please complete the information below

* 2. I can commit to the entire weeklong experience, including some evenings, June 25-30 (Sunday afternoon-Friday mid-day). Note: Not being able to commit to the full experience may affect the strength of my application.

* 3. Do you have any special needs or dietary restrictions? (If not applicable enter N/A)

Narrative Responses

Note: If you close your internet browser or window before you hit "Submit", any information you have provided will not be saved. It is recommended that you complete the questions in a Word document first, and then copy/paste into the application once you are ready to submit.

Although the Educator Institute is structured around teams, the strength of each individual’s application will be assessed. We encourage individuals to write their own responses and to avoid team-crafted language for these questions.

* 4. Why is participating in the 2017 Educator Institute important to you?

* 5. What change do you want to see in your building or district, and what support (or from whom) will you draw on to enact this change?

* 6. How will the Educator Institute support the work you have done in the past or are already doing to affect the change you outline in the previous question? What do you need to be successful in your current environment?

* 7. How did you hear about the 2017 Educator Institute? If you were encouraged to apply by a colleague, please list that person’s name.


* 8. If you have a team, please provide the names of your team members and their email addresses (each team member must submit an individual application). If you do not yet have a team, please explain your progress in developing one:


* 9. I have support from my district or building administration to attend the Educator Institute from (please list names and contact information or N/A)

* 10. Optional: Please attach a letter of support from your administration.

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* 11. Are you interested in graduate credit (at an additional cost)?

* 12. If traveling from Greater MN, will you require overnight accommodations at the Minnesota Humanities Center?

* 13. Are you in need of an additional scholarship (up to $150 off the non-refundable registration fee)? Note: Selecting Yes does not guarantee scholarship assistance. Registration fee due upon notification of acceptance.

* 14. How do you describe your national, ethnic or racial identity?  

* 15. How do you describe your gender identity?