Girl Develop It is an organization that aims to empower more women with confidence in their technological abilities. If you are interested in our group and have not already please join our Meetup group: and for more information about Girl Develop It:

* 1. Why are you interested in Girl Develop IT Pittsburgh?

* 2. What classes are you interested in attending? (Check all that apply)

* 3. What skill level of classes are you interested in?

* 4. Which class formats do you prefer?

* 5. What would you be willing to pay to attend a class with a total length of 8 hours?

* 6. Would you be able to bring your own computer to a class?

* 7. Are you interested in Code and Coffee nights (an informal get together where people meet at a coffee shop and code together)?

* 8. What times are best for you to attend events?

* 9. On weeknights, what are convenient times for a class to start?

* 10. Are you able to attend events in the city? If not, what locations would you prefer?

* 11. How would you prefer to get to events?

* 12. What are your highest priorities that would make you most likely to come to events?

* 13. What other types of events are you interested in?

* 14. Please check any things you are interested in helping with:

* 15. What is your name and how can we contact you?