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Farm to School is growing in Hawai‘i!  

The Hawai‘i State Department of Agriculture's (HDOA) Farm to School (F2S) Program is collecting information on all Farm to School programs across Hawai‘i in collaboration with the Hawai‘i Farm to School Hui (Hui). This 2017-18 SY Hawai‘i Farm to School Census is a follow-up to the statewide school garden survey conducted by the Hui in 2012, and the USDA's Farm to School Census (last completed in 2012, next USDA Farm to School Census expected in 2019).

FARM TO SCHOOL initiatives include:
1) SCHOOL GARDENS - School learning gardens, food farms, and composting operations;
2) EDUCATION - Agriculture, food, and nutrition education (including farm field trips, farmer/chef visits); and
3) BUYING LOCAL - Purchasing and serving locally-grown foods for school meals and snacks.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this census is to identify innovations, growth, priorities, and challenges, as well as highlight successes and best practices to strengthen Farm to School initiatives across Hawai‘i with strategic coordination of resources.

This census should be completed by the person most knowledgeable about your school's Farm to School initiatives, including input from the school garden/farm coordinator/committee and your school’s cafeteria manager.

This census is being conducted among all K-12 public, charter, and independent schools in Hawai‘i, as well as early childhood [care and education] programs.  We greatly appreciate the opportunity to have information submitted directly by each school’s representative(s).

NOTE: You can exit and reenter the census from the same computer (your work will automatically be saved).


1) The Hawai‘i State Department of Agriculture's (HDOA) Farm to School (F2S) Program was established by the Hawai‘i State Legislature in 2015 through Act 218. For more information on the Hawai‘i Farm to School Program, contact the HDOA Farm to School Coordinator at robyn.pfahl@hawaii.gov.
2) The Hawai‘i Farm to School Hui (Hui) is a statewide network formed in 2010 and composed of island-level networks on six islands as well as representatives of the Hawai‘i state departments of Agriculture, Education, and Health. The Hui's mission is to strengthen Hawai‘i’s Farm to School movement.  For more information on Hawai‘i Farm to School networks, resources and events, please visit www.hawaiischoolgardenhui.org. Contact the Hui Coordinator at farmtoschoolhui@hiphi.org.

MAHALO for lending your voice to the statewide movement of growing Farm to School in Hawai‘i!

* 1. School name:

* 2. On which island is your school located?

* 3. What is your school type?

* 4. What is the student enrollment?

* 5. Which of the following Farm to School activities are occurring and/or have occurred at your school? (Choose all that apply.)