So your startup uses Python? We want to hear about it - and you could be one of the startups that gets featured on Startup Row at PyCon 2012.

Here are the rules:

- Seed stage only. For purposes of startup row, that means less than $350K in outside funding or, if self-funded, less than 18 months old.
- You must use Python somewhere in your startup. Backend, frontend, testing, wherever.
- No repeats. If you were on startup row last year, your startup is not eligible. We want to give a chance to as many startups as possible.
- If you are accepted, you must guarantee your attendance for at least the Expo Hall hours on your appointed day. We will work with you as to which day is better for you.

Here are the selection criteria:

- Interesting technology. Are you doing something hard or unique? Tell us about it.
- Traction and reach. Are you affecting a lot of people? How?
- Concept and awesomeness. Are you changing the world? Disrupting an industry? Solving a problem? Sometimes you see a company and your jaw drops. If that is your startup, we want to hear from you.


* 1. What is your startup's name?

* 2. What is your startup's URL? (if there is one yet)

* 4. Have you launched yet?

* 5. If you haven't launched yet, what is your projected launch date?

* 6. How do you use Python?

* 7. What does your startup do?

* 8. What is awesome about your startup?

* 9. What are the most difficult or interesting technical problems you are solving at your startup?

* 10. Who is the audience for your startup? How many people do you hope to reach?

* 11. How many founders do you have?

Accepted startups will receive one free pass to PyCon for each founder. During PyCon, we will have 5-8 small booths on Startup Row in the Expo Hall. There will be 10-16 startups, so you will be there during Expo Hall hours (about 10-4) for one day only.

During the time on Startup Row, you will be able to buy, sell, hire, demo, network, or whatever you would like. We will also provide a few extras to make PyCon fun.

* 12. Right now, which day would work better for you?

* 13. Please give us a contact email address.