Species preference


Thanks for your interest!

This survey is a follow up to an article we at Purdue published in Golf Course Management magazine last fall related to the cultural needs of creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass putting greens throughout the cool-humid region. It should only take about 5-7 minutes of your time to complete.

Please answer the following questions about the putting greens at the facility you manage, the major cultural inputs (e.g. how many times do you mow, topdress, use PGRs, etc.) and your preference for your surfaces.

*****Please note:If you manage > 18 holes please normalize your answers for 18 holes. Meaning if you have 6 acres of putting greens over 36 holes base your answers on 18 holes.*****

Questions regarding this survey should be directed to Dr. Cale A. Bigelow (cbigelow@purdue.edu)

* 1. What is the primary putting green species you are currently managing?

* 2. Given a choice, which of the following putting green species would you "prefer" to manage at your facility?

* 3. What bentgrass cultivar/species was used to originally establish your putting greens?

* 4. If you had a choice, would you renovate your surfaces to an alternative species?

* 5. If you could renovate with a new bentgrass cultivar which cultivars might you consider? (you can name more than one)

* 6. How many acres of putting greens do you manage? (assume 18-holes)

* 7. What is the age of your putting green rootzones (the majority of your greens)?

* 8. What category best describes your rootzones?