How do you Save? RedPlum™ Wants to Know – Tell us and Enter to win one of two $150 Gift Cards

Tell us how you shop and how you save money from items on your grocery list to dining out and everything in between. RedPlum™ is conducting its fourth annual coupon and savings survey conjunction with National Coupon Month in September. For participating in the RedPlum Purse String Survey, you will be eligible to win one of two $150 shopping cards. Employees of Valassis and its subsidiaries are not eligible to win.

Fill out the survey by July 13, 2011 and enter for your chance to win.

* 1. In the past seven days, how many hours have you spent looking for coupons, deals and savings from print sources (i.e. newspapers, mail, etc.)?

* 2. In the past seven days, how many hours have you spent looking for coupons, deals and savings from online sources?

* 3. How often do you visit your favorite savings or deal websites?

* 4. On average, how much money do you save weekly by using coupons?

* 5. If you won the lottery, would you still use coupons?

* 6. What effect have rising food and gas prices had on your spending behaviors? (check all that apply).

* 7. The money you save using coupons is now primarily spent on (check all that apply):

* 8. How confident do you feel with your family’s current financial situation over last year?

* 9. Since last year, which of the following are you doing more often (pick your top 3):

  #1 #2 #3
Using more print coupons
Using online coupons or coupon codes
Using coupons for more than groceries
Planning my shopping around circulars, coupons and deals
Buying more generic/store brand items
Spending at least one more night dining in each week
Watching movies on DVD rather than in the theater
Comparing prices online and in print
Completing more home repairs myself
Using mobile coupons/applications
Swapping and sharing deals on Facebook and Twitter
Using text for deals

* 10. In what categories are you most interested in finding coupons, coupon codes and deals? Rank your top three with 1 being where you are most interested in finding deals.

  #1 #2 #3
Cosmetics/Beauty Products
Dining Out/Restaurants
Home improvement Items/Services
Household Items (i.e. Home Décor, Furnishings)
Pet items/Services
Services such as Dry Cleaners, Hair Salons, House Cleaning, Dentists, Automotive
Phone, Cable TV Services, Satellite
Not sure

* 11. Over the past 30 days, have you or anyone in your household downloaded a digital coupon from your mobile device?

* 12. Are you currently signed up for a daily deal site(s)?