Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Each year CCADV recognizes and promotes excellence in domestic violence victim advocacy throughout the Colorado by presenting to outstanding individuals and organizations a Purple Ribbon Award. Awards will be presented at the Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference on June 13, 2017. 


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Description of Awards
Outstanding DV Organization- Must be an organization that excels in the provision and enhancement of services to victims/survivors of domestic violence by providing outstanding leadership, advocacy for, and commitment to, advancing the rights and dignity of victims’ throughout the community response systems, and in community as a whole and providing outstanding survivor-centered comprehensive services for victims of domestic violence and their children. The organization must be a CCADV member organization.
Outstanding Victim Advocate- This individual can be a staff member, volunteer, and/or survivor. Must have made an outstanding contribution toward improving the status of, or support to, victims of DV in Colorado. Award recipients are recognized for their exemplary work done in the area of victim advocacy, exceeding what is expected in one’s routine responsibilities. These contributions may involve exceptional efforts in a specific case, on a statewide event or issue, or any effort deemed worthy of recognition by the nominator.
Outstanding Community Ally- Individual or organization nominated must have enhanced your own organization’s ability to do its work in a high quality manner, and/or contributed to victim safety and/or the work to end domestic violence.
Leadership in Advocacy Award- Must have worked/or currently works in the domestic violence field for a significant period of time. The nominee’s work must have contributed to the advancement of domestic violence awareness, advocacy, service delivery, and community response to enhance the safety and dignity of victims of domestic violence and their children.

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