Pullman Transportation and Access Plan Survey

The Pullman Transportation Plan seeks to improve access to the Pullman National Monument, Pullman historic district, and surrounding neighborhoods for both visitors and residents.  Please take this survey to provide input into the plan.

* 1. Wayfinding and signage

  Not important Less important Important Very important
Coordinate signs for pedestrians, bikers and drivers to reduce the clutter of signs on the street
Install a major gateway sign for Pullman National Monument
Promote public art in landscaping and wayfinding
Add signs to local destinations beyond Pullman National Monument
Encourage people to visit other South Side destinations (DuSable Museum, Museum of Science and Industry)

* 2. Pullman on Foot

  Not important Less important Important Very important
Improve conditions of walkways along Cottage Grove Avenue
Make Market Square more pedestrian friendly by having drivers, bikes and pedestrians share the street
Calm traffic and improve pedestrian environment on 111th Street and Cottage Grove
Improve accessibility for persons with disabilities to the Pullman National Monument

* 3. Pullman on Transit

  Not important Less important Important Very important
Begin docent-led tours from downtown via Metra
Improve quality of CTA bus stops in Pullman
Improve sidewalks to bus stops and Metra Stations to get to Visitor's Center
Emphasize transit as the preferred means to accessing the Pullman National Monument for visitors
Make 111th Street Metra Station a regular (rather than flag) stop during events or busy times

* 4. Pullman: A Bike Destination

  Not important Less important Important Very important
Create a safe connection to Indiana Dunes
Bring a bike-share program to Pullman
Improve bike connection to 95th Street CTA Red Line station
Connect to Lakeshore Trail, Major Taylor Trail or other nearby trails
Make 111th Street a primary east-west connection for bikes

* 5. Vehicles and Parking

  Not important Less important Important Very important
Identify locations for tour bus drop off / pick-up and limit idling on neighborhood streets
Promote use of off-street parking lots to limit parking on neighborhood streets
Provide opportunities for businesses and landowners to benefit by pursuing shared use agreements for existing lots
Identify satellite parking lots for use during major events

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* 7. If you would like to stay involved, please enter your email address.

* 8. Please join us from 6:30-8:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 26 at the Public Open House at Pullman National Monument Visitor Center, 11141 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago to find out results of the survey and provide comments on draft recommendations.

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