Please complete this form and lodge it with Council no later than 5pm on the Thursday prior to the Council meeting.
Public meetings convened by Horsham Rural City Council may be recorded.

* 1. Personal Information

* 2. Would you like your name and location to be included in the formal Council Meeting minutes?

* 3. Your Question for Public Question Time:

* 4. Date


1) Question Time is a regularly scheduled segment at the start of ordinary Meetings of Council and is restricted to 15 minutes or such time as allowed by the Chairperson.

2) Citizens can submit a question by completing this form, giving details of their name and address and presenting the form to Council by 5pm on the Thursday prior to the Council meeting.

3) The person named on the form as submitting the question must be in attendance in the public gallery at the meeting.

4) The number of question that can be submitted per person at each meeting is limited to two, with one possible follow-up question if so allowed by the Chairperson.

5) There will be no debate on questions asked.

6) If the question cannot be answered at the meeting, a written response will be given within 5 working days after the meeting.

7) The CEO in consultation with the Mayor reserves the right to disallow any question on the grounds that:

a) it is improper, trivial, minor, repetitious or should be more properly directed to another organisation or body; or

b) it concerns matters deemed to be confidential information under section 77 of the Local Government Act 1989.
Privacy Statement
The Horsham Rural City Council asks for details about you to collect rates, approve permits and licences, and run a large number of community services. The information you give to us on this form is used only for the reasons set out in the form and is not given to anybody else. Sometimes we may supply details about you to someone else, but only if we are allowed by law, or to protect someone or property.
When information is given out, Council will always try to make sure your privacy is protected in line with the Privacy and Data Collection Act 2014. You may ask for more information about Council’s Information Privacy Policy by contacting Council on 03 5382 9777 or email