Public Awareness Advisory Committee - Expression of Interest

To act in an advisory capacity to HPCO and guide the development of public awareness initiatives and tools that support the initiatives.

To increase general public awareness of the benefits of hospice palliative care in Ontario. This includes benefits to individuals receiving hospice palliative care, benefits to family members, and benefits to the health care system in general.

6 to 10 individuals plus HPCO representative(s) all of whom must be members of HPCO or employed by/volunteer with organizations that hold membership in HPCO. Individuals interested in participating on the expert panel must submit an expression of interest to the HPCO.

A one year appointment.

Two meeting per month in February, March and April 2013 then one meeting per month or as necessary, in person or by teleconference, plus committee related work outside of scheduled meetings. Estimated monthly commitment is up to four hours.

Use of Consensus Model:
It is the experience of HPCO that it may not always be possible to have 100% agreement. If this is the case, the consensus model will be used to determine the level of agreement (1 - agree; 2 - agree with some reservations and share concerns; 3 - disagree but does not disapprove of moving forward and share concerns; and 4 - disagree, does not approve of moving forward and shares concerns). If consensus cannot be reached after what the panel deems to be a reasonable time frame, there will be a vote with a final decision being reached requiring a minimum 70% agreement.

An understanding of hospice palliative care in Ontario and its role in providing high quality care, efficient care to the benefit of Ontarians and the health care system

Strong interpersonal skills with an inclination for team work

Applied knowledge in at least one of the following areas:
public awareness
media/media relations
government relations
Actively participate in the process
Provide and/or seek expert advice/relevant material for the project
Provide input on the development and communication of support materials, resources and tools

Criteria for Section
When forming the committee, HPCO will strive to reflect the diversity of our membership. To ensure the committee reflects the breadth of the membership, with an emphasis on public awareness related skill sets, the following criteria will be considered when selecting committee members:

Geographic scope (representation from across Ontario i.e. urban, rural, northern and remote communities).
Population/client diversity (representation from programs that reflect varying cultures, stakeholders, socio-economics and demographics)
Familiarity with the hospice palliative care movement as a whole
Skill set/competencies as listed under “Competencies”

Intellectual Property Rights:
Hospice Palliative Care Ontario will own all intellectual property rights for any materials developed and hold copyright on any materials produced.

All materials provided by HPCO or developed by the committee remain confidential and embargoed until published by HPCO. No materials may be distributed without prior approval by HPCO.

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* 5. Please describe your interest in this project:

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