Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

The purpose of this survey is to gain a high level understanding of the impact of technology spending within publishing and media companies.

We appreciate your input, and if you would like to participate in future surveys you may submit your information at the end of this survey.

* 1. Do you consider your company to be a digital publisher?

* 2. Should your company invest more in technology to support digital strategy?

* 3. Describe the industry's investment in technology?

* 4. Describe your company's investment in technology?

* 5. If you could spend more money on technology at your company, where would you spend it? Lift and auto rank using hash on left. (#1 being most important, #6 being the least important).

* 6. Are your competitors doing a better job leveraging technology as they become more digital businesses?

* 7. Please tell us about any examples which support your answer.

* 8. Within your organization, how do you rank the utility of the following applications?

  Torture/Almost unusable Old but functional Adequate Needs improvement/upgrade Perfect Planned replacement (within in 2 years)
Desktop (mail, spreadsheet, word processing, etc.)
Sales & customer relationship management
Accounting & financial reporting
Editorial & production workflow
Product information/catalog application/metadata management
Market intelligence & data analysis tools

* 9. Where should your company focus more technology spending and investment?  Lift and auto rank using hash on left.  (#1 being most essential, #6 being least essential).

* 10. At your company, over the past five years has technology spending...

* 11. At your company over the next two years, do you expect technology spending to...

* 12. What is the spending breakdown of your total technology budget?

  5% 5-10% 10-15% 20+% Don't know
Staff & employee costs
External support, offshore & other resources
SaaS, software (and other) license fees and maintenance
Software implementation and project fees
Hardware purchases & staff electronics: Laptops, phones, eReaders, etc.

* 13. Please estimate what percentage of your total technology budget is devoted to maintaining and supporting legacy (older than 5 years) applications and hardware.

* 14. Are you using any SaaS solutions?

* 15. How likely is your business to adopt more SaaS solutions?

* 16. Are you aware of artificial intelligence and/or machine learning technologies and the potential impact on work and work processes?

* 17. Is your company using or testing the use of artificial intelligence?

* 18. Approximately what percentage of company revenue is your technology spend?

0% 10% Percentage
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 19. Which of the following applications and software solutions does your company use?

* 20. Which segment of the publishing industry do you currently work in?

* 21. What is your primary job function?

* 22. What is your seniority?

* 23. What are your company's total revenues?

* 24. Do you have responsibility for technology management, staffing and budgeting and/or are you considered a technology staff member?

* 25. Approximately how many staff are employed by your company?

* 26. Which social media products do you actively use?

* 27. Are you a primarily a Windows or Mac user?

* 28. What question(s) about publishing technology would you like to see asked in future surveys?

* 29. Thank you for your time.  We would encourage you to forward this survey to your colleagues for their input as we seek as much feedback as possible.  If you would like to participate in a more detailed technology benchmarking survey, please leave your name and email address.  You will also receive a copy of our publishing technology market map.

Thank you to our partners in this effort, Klopotek AG and BISG, who agreed to promote this survey to their communities.

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