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This survey is intended specifically for people in provider roles.

We have noticed with increasing frequency that individuals in provider roles are seeking out the support of our groups and other offerings. Sometimes when they participate, we have found that they are also in processing one or more of the following issues:

1. How silent they are expected or feel they need to be about their own struggles in their work setting
2. How conflicted they feel about something of the things they are required to participate in at work (section 12s, Rogers orders or other forced drugging, coercion, etc.)

While these can be powerful conversations to have in groups with people from mixed backgrounds, some of it can also be very difficult, especially when folks who've experienced that force are present .

In reality, providers in Europe have often been much more successful at building critical networks where some of these conversations can happen. Additionally, such networks also serve as a place to share ideas and strategies for alternative practices, and a way to support each other to sustain that focus even when one's work environment is less than appreciative.

This survey is intended to explore this issue with anyone working in a provider role (including but not limited to DMH employees, direct support workers, clinicians in organizational or private practice, etc.), and look at opportunities for creating a local group or network of this type.

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