DBHIDS is funding the Learning Hub to ensure that all providers are able to access the E-Learning modules, learning communities, in-person trainings and much more. Please review the Overview of the Provider Enrollment Process prior to completing this form.

This form should only be completed after reviewing the Provider Enrollment Process Overview and/or completing the e-learning module. Please click here to learn more. 

If you would like to learn more prior to completing the Enrollment Process please join us at an upcoming Information Session.

* 1. Please provide the name and contact information of the person submitting this form. This form should be completed only once per agency. 

STEP 1: Selecting your Agency Administrator and Co-Administrator
Selecting the right person to be your agency’s Administrator will be a key consideration. The administrators are the ultimate keepers of your Learning Hub account, and their actions will impact all your users. Administrators possess permissions to do everything in the system. Please make sure you have reviewed all information regarding administrators prior to making your selection. 

* 2. Please provide the information listed below for each of your agency’s selected DBHIDS Learning Hub Administrators. You may select up to 3 administrators.

Step 2: Agency Information
This section will gather agency specific information regarding your organization, current processes and needs. This information will be used in providing implementation supports as well as planning for the Learning Hub.

* 3. How does your agency currently conduct registration for training?

* 4. How does your agency currently track required trainings?

* 5. Please select any past e-learning experiences that your agency may have had.

* 6. Does your agency currently have a Learning Management System?

* 7. How many of your agency’s staff are working in DBHIDS & CBH Funded Programs? Please provide an estimate. 

* 8. In what format does your agency maintain employee information:

* 9. Please provide a copy of your organization’s Training Needs Assessment or provide a list of needed trainings, beyond those required by CBH, NIAC or the state. We are gathering training needs information from across our provider network to help guide the development process.

Please submit the document to dbhidstrainingunit@gmail.com.

STEP 3: Technical Infrastructure
This section will help you to determine if you will need any hardware or software updates to support your staff in accessing the DBHIDS Learning Hub. Please make sure to use the Technical Infrastructure Checklist to make sure you have the hardware, software, connectivity and technical support requirements. 

* 10. Do all of your staff have access to computers that are consistent with the Technical Infrastructure Checklist?

* 11. Do all the staff at your agency have an email address on file?

STEP 4: Policy & Procedures
In order to successfully implement a Learning Management System at your agency, you and your team will need to review existing training policies and create an addendum to address how your staff will be able to utilize the Learning Hub. 

DBHIDS does not mandate any specific policy approach, but strongly endorses the development of policies that will meet your agency and staff needs. 

* 12. Has your agency established policies & procedures regarding the DBHIDS Learning Hub use?

STEP 5: Organizational Support
Organizational buy in and support will be a key aspect of success in launching the Learning Hub for your organization. Human Resources, Managers and Supervisors will need to promote and support the use of the DBHIDS Learning Hub. Employees will need encouragement to input profile information, supervisors will need to learn to use DBHIDS Learning Hub as part of their toolkit, and trainers will need to learn how to use the system for online registration and tracking of training completion.

* 13. Does your organization have a plan for obtaining and promoting organizational support for the use of the DBHIDS Learning Hub?

* 14. Comments, questions or requests.