Property Identification Codes - Background

The purpose of this survey is to gauge industry views on the introduction of Property Identification Codes for the plant-based production industries.   

Recently traceability has seen a focus at the Federal level  through the National Traceability project being conducted by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, which noted that “A single, national approach to property identification (including all properties with terrestrial and aquatic animals, and plant production activities) is a fundamental first step to improving traceability” and that the National Biosecurity Committee is progressing development and implementation of a national property identification system by 2022.

Property Identification Codes (PIC’s) are unique code identifiers which are used as a part of a national agreement to maintain a means of identifying the locations of livestock (species and quantity) along with information on the property and its owner and/or manager.  

PIC’s are used to provide information to assist in responding during biosecurity events and natural disasters such as bush fires, cyclones and health events and may assist in tracing and controlling of plant pathogens/pests.

PIC’s are used in the National Livestock Identification System (NILS), a traceability system which enables the traceability of an animal over its lifetime.  Along with an individual animal identifier PIC’s are printed on livestock identifiers e.g. cattle tags and enable the tracking of livestock.

Fees for a PIC vary with some states PICs being free (e.g. Victoria) where as in other states there is a fee (e.g. South Australia $85.50 biannually).

Further information on the National Traceability Project is available through;

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* 1. Contact details 

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* 2. Do you support the implementation of Property Identification Codes (PIC's) for plant producers?

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* 3. Please rank your preferences for the operation of the scheme?

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* 4. Would you support the sharing of data by the operator of the scheme?

For example, if government were to operate this scheme would you support the sharing of data (e.g. names, addresses, commodities grown etc.) from the scheme with peak industry bodies or vice versa?

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* 5. What information (aside from owner name, address and crop) would you like to see captured (if any) by a PIC system if it were to be applied to the plant industries? For example, value chain information such as market distribution 80% retail 20% landscape or destination 65% interstate and 35% domestically.

Thank you for completing this survey, your responses will be invaluable in developing an industry position on this topic in the future.