Creative Arts Team (CAT) Project CHANGE Program Application
<h8 align="center"> The Creative Arts Team (CAT) is looking for 20 of CUNY's most outstanding student leaders to be a part of their exciting new intiative Project CHANGE (Community Health Acution in Neighborhoods for Growth and Empowerment). CAT will develop, train, and mentor a cohort of CHANGE Agents -- student leaders from York and Medgar Evers Colleges -- to use drama strategies to advocate for and play a key role in sustained coalition-building for commmunity change. This extraordinary opportunity is designed for students who have demonstrated leadership on campus, have an interest in civic engagement through the arts, proven themselves to be outspoken advocates, and/or served as effective leaders in their communities.
Program Structure:

CHANGE Agents will be required to attend 2 weekly training seminars for the entire 2010-2011 academic year. Seminars will be held every Friday from 11am-1pm at CAT in Midtown Manhattan and once a week on your respective campus (time/location TBD), beginning early September, 2010.

Please note that there may be additional dates required for service projects and professional development activities. Further scheduling details will be provided to program finalists.

Compensation in the form of stipends and tuition assistance will be given to those who successfully complete training and year-long activities.

Application Deadline:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 6:00pm


Please provide the following information:

* Student Information

* Please check off any other CUNY institutions that you are affiliated with:


Please complete the following information.

* 1. Write a Personal Statement that communicates your motivation for applying to the Project Change Program. Demonstrate clarity of expression and a rationale for wanting to be apart of this opportunity to learn, serve, and advocate with a team of peers (200-250 words).

* 2. Have you participated in any other social activities, education or health outreach projects?

* 3. Do you consider yourself to be a creative person?

* 4. Please list any leadership programs, courses, conferences, or workshops which you have completed.

* 5. Please describe your theatre and/or other performance background or experience.

* 6. Do you have any other artistic skills or interests?

* 7. Please describe how you have participated in community service.

* 8. Please describe why you would consider yourself an advocate for or deeply interested in promoting and building community support for youth sexual health.

* 9. Please describe the ways you serve as an excellent representative of your campus.

* 10. If selected to become a CHANGE Agent, how do you think this experience will enhance your personal and/or professional development?

* 11. Please include any additional information regarding your potential as a CHANGE Agent.

* 12. How did you hear about the Malave Fellows Program?


Please provide three (3) references including contact information (e-mail and phone number)

**Note: Please include at least one reference from your college. This may include faculty, staff or administration. Other references
may include people who know your work as a leader or advocate in your community, professional settings, classroom or campus.

* Reference 1 (College Reference)

* Reference 2 (Leader or Advocate in your community)

* Reference 3 (Leader or Advocate in your community or personal)

Thank you for applying!