Nomination Form

The Victorian Museums and Galleries Awards recognise and celebrate excellence across the sector. They seek to reward presenting and collecting organisations and the individuals who support and strengthen Victoria’s creative and cultural industries through outstanding work and a commitment to best practice.

The Project of the Year Awards recognise outstanding achievements in the museum and gallery sector. These awards celebrate innovative projects that have made a significant impact on the sector, such as the development of new exhibitions, the introduction of innovative technologies, or the creation of new museum or gallery spaces. They also acknowledge the hard work and dedication of museum and gallery professionals, as well as their commitment to creating engaging, innovative and informative experiences for members of their communities and the sector more broadly.

All presenting and collecting institutions located within Victoria are eligible to be nominated in the 2024 Project of the Year Awards. This includes all public museums and galleries, archives, zoos, botanical gardens, historical societies, libraries, Keeping Places, science centres, and any other organisations that acquire, conserve and exhibit arts and cultural material. Nominated projects must address the assessment criteria listed below and have commenced or completed within the past 12 months.