* 1. After completing the self-assessment, please rate your own knowledge level regarding aspects of professional ethics/ethical decision-making skills in the following areas?

  Very Knowledgeable Somewhat Knowledgeable Not at all Knowledgeable
Expectations of Leaders
Professional Relationships with Colleagues and Staff
Professional Relationships with Clinicians
Business Relationships with External Partners (buyers, suppliers and payors)
Expectations of NAMSS members and the Code of Professional Conduct

* 2. In what areas/topics would you like additional information/education?

* 3. Is there a specific ethical question you would like to see NAMSS address?

* 4. What is your preferred format for additional education on ethics? (select all that apply)

* 5. Within your role as an MSP during the past two years, have you experienced a specific situation that resulted in a significant ethical dilemma?

* 6. If you have experienced such a situation, and you are willing to provide some details below, it might be a useful scenario for future educational activities.

* 7. How useful was this tool for you in enhancing your awareness of your own values and behaviors, and in understanding the aspects of Professional Ethics that are judged in society today?

* 8. Have you or will you use this tool to generate conversations with colleagues about Professional Ethics?

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