PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. The MPSA organizes a series of sessions at the conference that discuss aspects of the academic profession. Each session will have 4-6 speakers, one of whom will be asked to also serve as the chair in February. There are no written papers and participation on a professional development session does NOT count against your limit of being on two sessions at the MPSA conference.  Some of these sessions will be digitally recorded for future release and presenters will have the opportunity after the session to let the MPSA know if there were comments that should not be included for privacy reasons. If you want to suggest other topics to include, please contact the MPSA at  If you want to volunteer for several topics in one area, you may simply complete the form a second time.

COMMITTEES. The MPSA has a wide range of committees that have involve about 150 professional/faculty members. Please feel free to volunteer to serve on one of these and no one will be placed on more than one committee.

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