Product Management is a wonderful, vital professional discipline and is often the core growth engine of an organization.  However, it is also a complex and frequently misunderstood function.

At Sequent Learning Networks, we help organizations optimize the processes, knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage the entire product lifecycle.  Our mission is to professionalize product management, and your feedback through this short survey will help us as we strive to deliver this mission.

As a follow up, if you would like to participate in an optional follow-up phone interview (15-20 minutes), please enter your information in section 1 and we'll be in touch.

JJ Rorie
Vice President & Subject Matter Expert
Sequent Learning Networks

* 1. Your Information (optional)

* 2. Which best describes your title?

* 3. Which product development methodology does your organization use? (answer only one)

* 4. What's the approximate size of your company? 

* 5. Please assess the following Pain Points on their impact and priority for your organization.

  A Top Pain Point, Critical to Address Needs Addressing, But Not a Critical Pain Point An Issue, But Not a Priority to Address Not a Pain Point
Product Managers lack knowledge and skills of the processes and tasks needed to be successful -- e.g. market research, business cases, user story creation, development methodologies, etc.
Product Managers lack the soft skills needed to be successful -- e.g. communication skills, influence, collaboration.
Inconsistency in how Product Managers use product management processes.
Product Management as a function isn't widely understood or respected across the organization.
Collaboration across Product Management and other functions is lacking.
No consistent method to prioritize features / releases / new products.
Lack of a cohesive product strategy.

* 6. In your own words, what is the biggest pain point for your Product Management organization?

* 7. In which ONE area do you believe an improvement in Product Managers' skills / knowledge / ability would make the most impact on your organization?

* 8. Would you be willing to speak with us in a short 15-20 minute phone conversation to further explore these areas?