This survey is focused on private waste haulers who operate within the City of Los Angeles (City). The City’s Bureau of Sanitation (Sanitation) is compiling data on the needs of business for the Commercial and Multifamily Franchise Hauling Program (ZERO WASTE LA). Please respond to each question to the best of your ability. All data collected will be handled discreetly and only discussed in the compilation of our final plan. Additionally, this survey is conducted with complete anonymity although you may state your name and contact information. We appreciate your time and cooperation!

* 1. Waste Hauler Name (Optional)

* 2. How many accounts do you have on-call, not regular scheduled service?

* 3. How often on average do you collect from your on-call customers, per month?

* 4. How many customers does your business service in the City of Los Angeles?

* 5. How many of your customers currently subscribe to green waste recycling services?

* 6. How many of your customers currently subscribe to organics/food waste recycling?