Let us help you achieve or maintain your highest recognition level

GVF works year-round with its partners to develop programs and incorporate transportation demand management (TDM) strategies into their work environment. We want to help you be recognized for the investment you are making, and work with you to develop and track measurable data. Complete the application below and be recognized at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond level at our TDM Advocate Breakfast on September 16, 2019.
Each question is required, and in some cases, applicants must submit additional materials. Follow the guidelines provided below when making your selection:

HAVE: Check the programs and/or initiatives already implemented or to be completed by August 2019. For each selection, you will receive a credit.

UNDERWAY: Check the programs and/or initiatives currently under construction or in the process of being implemented. These initiatives will not receive a credit but will be used for the development of a customized TDM goals.

WANT: Check the programs and/or initiatives you would like to work on to improve your recognition level.

UNSURE: Check the programs and/or initiatives that you would like more information about and how to proceed.

NOT INTERESTED/APPLICABLE: Check the programs and/or initiatives that are of no interest or applicable. 

Application Deadline is July 31, 2019