The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Government Relations Office seeks to gain more information about the use of federal legal materials in print. With the present threat of the elimination of print legal materials and reference publications, this log will aid in building evidence of the continued use of print and other tangible formats.

We are asking you to log each time you use, or help someone use, a print legal resource produced by the U.S. government. Examples include the print Code of Federal Regulations, Congressional Record, and U.S. Code.

To contribute to the log, please provide answers to as many of the questions below as you can. Your answers will only be recorded and viewed by the AALL Government Relations Office staff, though we will make public an overview of the responses. Thank you!

* 1. Name:

* 2. Date:

* 3. Institution:

* 4. Is your library a Federal Depository Library?

* 6. Was there a specific reason print was the preferred format?

* 7. In what type of user group does this patron fall? Examples include member of the public, student, faculty, small business owner, historian, etc.

* 8. Please provide any other relevant details. Examples include what the print resource was used for, if any other resources were used and in what format, etc. Any additional information you can provide to build a complete and accurate log would be helpful!