The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) is consulting on National Safety and Quality Primary Health Care (NSQPHC) Standards between May - July 2019.

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please complete this survey. It covers topics that are being explored during the workshops.

You are invited to forward this survey link to other people in your network to complete.

More information about the consultation process can be found here:

This survey is open until the end of July 2019.

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* 1. What is your role in the primary health care sector? e.g. patient, primary health care provider, policy maker

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* 2. If you are a primary health care provider, what is your profession?

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* 3. Thinking about the patient journey:

1. Enrolling into the service 2. Assessment 3. Treatment 4. Post Treatment

What are the safety and quality issues patients face at each step of the patient journey? 

Please identify which component in the patient journey you are referring to in your response e.g. use 1 to identify issues at enrolling.

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* 4. For each step in the patient journey as described in Question 3, what do you think needs to be in place to provide safe and high quality care for patients?

Please identify which component in the patient journey you are referring to in your response e.g. write 2 to refer to assessment best practices. 

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* 5. Are there other safety and quality issues that don't fall under the patient journey steps? If so, how big of an issue is it?

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* 6. Data reporting and collection

This question is for primary health care providers and has three sections.
1. As a primary health care provider, what safety and quality measures are you monitoring in your practice?
2. How is this data collected?
3. How often?
4. Do you use this data in your quality improvement processes? If so, how?

Please use the allocated number to match your response to the question. 

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* 7. Data reporting and collection

What safety and quality data do you think should be collected and measured?

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* 8. Accreditation model

What should accreditation of primary health care services look like?

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* 9. One proposed option for the accreditation model

Feedback from primary health care providers during earlier consultations highlighted the primary health care standards and accreditation model be structured differently to the acute sector. The model should consider primary health care providers can be small businesses and may not have the resources and/or critical mass of staff as the acute sector.

The Commission has drafted a proposed model below titled 'Safety and Quality Wall' and seeks your feedback on the feasibility and appropriateness of this model.

Safety and Quality Wall

The proposed accreditation cycle will span five years.

There is one module of work to be completed every four months. These modules will probably be some form of workbook, available online, that provides resource material, reflective questions and step-by-step activities. There will be eight modules to complete before a review model where progress to date can be determined, a gap analysis completed and an action plan for future work developed. The nine modules would be completed over three years.

The next two years would involve five quality improvement modules, with each one being conducted over a four month period. They would relate to the standards but focus on safety and quality issues that are specific to the practice.

The last module involves an external assessment. The focus would not be compliance with the standards, but on the progress against the practice action plan in quality improvement and monitoring of safety and quality. The intent would be to identify how in the future the practice could continue to improve the safety and quality of care provided and reduce the risk of patient harm.

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* 10. Please provide any other comments you wish to include through this consultation process

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* 11. If you would like to receive updates on the National Primary Health Care Safety and Quality Standards, please provide your email address here. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you can email your details to or call 02 9126 3635.

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