Evaluation of Cystatin C, a biomarker for chronic kidney disease

Thank you for partnering with Alpha Labs to evaluate the use of Cystatin C eGFR for improved diagnostic efficiency of CKD.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Health’s New Tests and Technology Fund (NTTF). The goal is to evaluate the potential of Cystatin C as an OHIP SOB-LS listed test, together with any appropriate utilization guidelines.  The project also seeks to develop a policy “pipeline” or evaluation process to enable new, more effective tests to become available to primary care clinicians and their patients.

You are being invited to become a Primary Care Partner because we noticed that in your practice, you have several patients who stand to benefit from the use of the Cystatin C eGFR test.

As a partner, you agree that you will make your best efforts to:

a)       Order a follow-up creatinine test for patients when/if abnormal results become available to confirm a diagnosis.

b)      Fill out a survey and/or attend a focus group. You will receive an honorarium, as full consideration for your time and effort in connection with this evaluation; $50 for completing a survey, and an additional $150 for participation in a focus group.

Please indicate:

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* Estimated percentage of patients sent for creatinine tests per month

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* Estimated percentage of patients for whom a creatinine test was requested who self identify as black

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