Thank you for enquiring about volunteering for the 2024 Primadonna Festival! We really appreciate you giving up your time and hope you enjoy working with us as much as you’ll enjoy the festival itself. So we can find you the right role, please fill out this questionnaire. Please make sure your have everything ready before you start, including details of a reference. If you encounter any problems when completing your application, please contact
We ask that you commit to a minimum of two shifts of 4 hours. In return you'll be provided with entry to the festival, a camping ticket and refreshments during or after your shift. You'll make new friends and most importantly be part of an unforgettable experience!
We are looking for volunteers who share Primadonna's values. We expect you to be:

  • Friendly and approachable
  • Good at talking to people
  • Reliable and arrive on time for your shift
  • Willing to learn
  • Keen to help
  • Flexible and positive when unexpected things happen

You must be 18 years old at the time of Primadonna and should commit to attending our online training session. The training session date and joining instructions will be shared nearer to the time.

Question Title

* 1. Please specify which role(s) you would like to do.

We cannot promise that we will be able to give you your first choice, but will do our best:

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* 2. Is there anything we need to know about you?

Do you have skills you think we could use? Caring responsibilities at the festival? Would you like to do more than two shifts? Is there anything we need to take into account when assigning you a role?

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* 3. Personal Details

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* 4. Date of birth


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* 5. Emergency Contact Information

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* 6. Do you have any medical conditions, including allergies, of which we should be aware?

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* 7. If you have a disability, is there anything that the Museum and Primadonna can do to support you as a volunteer?

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* 8. Personal/character referee (not a family member)

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* 9. Police and Criminal Record

You may be in a position involving supervising, caring for or otherwise connected with vulnerable adults, children and/or young people. In view of this, you must declare all convictions, cautions, and/or bindovers for criminal offences, even where they are “spent” as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and subsequent regulations. You are also required to give details of any reprimands or warnings that you may have received. This information will be kept confidential. Do you have anything to declare?

Consents and Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application I agree to the following:

I authorise the Food Museum and Primadonna to process my personal data manually and electronically as part of my volunteer record. This information will be used to contact me, my next-of-kin if necessary, and my references. I authorise the museum to provide any medical information it contains to health professionals in the case of an emergency. Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, 2018, personal details of those taking part and recorded on this form will be used and stored by the Museum and Primadonna for the purposes of recording consent. We will not share your information with third parties, unless they are acting under contract on our behalf. As a volunteer, your email address will be added to the internal communications database so that we can keep you up to date with essential information and we will add your contact details to the e-newsletter and marketing database. We will also use this data to report on our volunteering programmes to funders. This data will be aggregated and will not identify you as an individual. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details about how we look after and use your personal data 

I recognise that photographs, audio and film will be taken of me to document the activities of the Museum/Primadonna and to promote further activities. For example, they may be used as part of a display, online, go into our archives, for educational and non-commercial purposes, in marketing and promotional material, for publications in printed and digital form and on commercial prints and products including merchandise. The Museum and Primadonna in turn offers a commitment to only allow the photographs, audio and film to be used appropriately and sensitively.

I assign copyright and rights in the nature of the copyright in the work I produce as a volunteer to the Museum. I also agree to waive all moral rights in the material/work created and/or edited in my role as a volunteer.

As a volunteer, I will:
  • Perform my volunteering role to the best of my ability.
  • Follow the museum's policies and procedures.
  • Meet time commitments and standards agreed with museum staff and give reasonable notice of absence so that other arrangements can be made.
  • Treat other volunteers, staff, and visitors in an appropriate and sensitive way.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Declare any criminal convictions or restrictions.
This Volunteer Agreement is binding in honour only. It is not intended to be a legally-binding contract between us and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. Neither of us intends any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future.