Hello! My name is Sarah Luery and I am a grad student at California State University Northridge where I am finishing up my Master's degree in Sociology.

My Master's Thesis is all about the self. My favorite sociological studies examine how people understand and present themselves to others.

We present ourselves differently in every moment of our day to day lives. For instance, you might like to joke, laugh and be silly with your friends but act professional at work. Similarly, you might keep mum about your personal life around a stranger but tell your siblings everything.

For my thesis study, I am interested in finding out how we present ourselves on Facebook. Do our Facebook profiles show others who we really are? Are they embellished at all? Are there things we keep hidden from our Facebook friends? Are there things we share with our Facebook friends that we wouldn't share to a friend offline?

The survey you are about to take will help me collect data to understand how we do self presentation offline, as well as online on Facebook.

To get the most accurate response possible, I am making the survey available to Facebook users across the United States. Once the data is collected, I will analyze it and write up the findings for my thesis. The paper will be available for anyone who wants to see it. And hopefully I will be able to get the paper published so we can share what we learned with the current and future social science community!

In tests, this survey has taken respondents under 15 minutes to complete. Mark the response that best reflects your experience and opinion. All responses are anonymous. You may skip a question or end participation in the survey at any time.

Note: Several of the questions at the end of the survey pertain to information on your Facebook page. Open your page now to expedite the survey process. If you have more than one Facebook page, base your answers off the page you use most frequently.

Thank you very much for your time and effort! And feel free to contact me anytime with questions and comments.

Sarah Luery