Presentation Categories

uLead 2024 will take place in April 14-16, 2024
This survey will allow you to be among the first to share a presentation proposal for the conference.  Your presentation should tie in to the overall theme of the conference - School Leadership Within the Teaching Profession.  The word "principal" has its roots in the idea of a teacher who serves in the role of "principal teacher".  We are looking for presentations that support and expand on the idea that school leaders are "teachers first" and who are "lead learners" as opposed to being "administrators" or "managers".   Please identify the learning or leadership narrative that your presentation will speak to, the thinking and intentionality that is involved in responding to that goal or challenge, and how other leaders might take what you are sharing and put it to use in their own schools or systems.
uLead is an annual event hosted by the Council for School Leadership of the Alberta Teachers' Association.