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The experience of the pandemic has been eye-opening – more than ever we understand the importance of healthcare in the lives of Canadians. While we celebrated many healthcare triumphs during this difficult period, there were also valuable lessons to be learned.

All Canadians are invited to help us reimagine the future of healthcare. 

We're interested in better understanding your health journey and what you imagine the future of healthcare should look like.

What would a #PrescriptionForCare look like that would be better for patients and caregivers at all stages of life?

In less than 10 minutes you can share your #PrescriptionForCare. 
Disclaimer: People Before Patients and Teva Canada are committed to respecting the privacy of respondents to our surveys. All responses are anonymous, and your confidentiality will be protected.  We do not collect personally identifiable information. The outcome of the survey may be shared in a final report. Nothing shared publicly about this survey will be attributed to you.    
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