This assessment is designed to measure the extent to which the principles, common to high performing organizations, are in place in your organization. The questions are based on the 'Organizational Excellence Framework' , a publication that is based on leading global excellence models, that define the principles and best management practices of high performing organizations.
The results of the assessment will provide a snapshot about the culture of excellence in your organization. It is meant to capture the organization at a specific window in time and provide the foundation for future improvement activities.

The assessment gathers:
  • General Information - data and information on the respondent participating in the assessment and the organization
  • Principles - ratings and open-ended comments on the culture of excellence in the organization
Individual responses will be confidential and only aggregate data will be reported to allow a comparison by organization: role, size, type,  industry sector and location.

The assessment should take 5 minutes to complete. Results will be compiled and analyzed by an independent third party, Organizational Excellence Specialists located in Canada.

Questions about the assessment may be directed to Dawn Ringrose at dawn@organizationalexcellencespecialists.ca .