Introduction and Overview

Pre-Development Services are available to provide consultative services prior to expanding or improving your preschool facilities.

If you are considering an expansion or development project, this program will match you with a local architecture firm with experience in child care facility design. The firm assigned to you will provide DEEL- approved services related to planning for SPP facilities development projects. Projects that have been approved in the past include:

• Assessing the feasibility of facility expansion ideas
• Developing design options that fit your needs
• Developing initial drawings and cost estimates to get your project ready for construction
• Providing expert advice and partnership in the planning stages of SPP-related construction work you are considering

Complete this short application and DEEL will review your pre-development needs. You will receive a decision on your award within two weeks of submitting the application. For any questions related to process, contact Jenny Choi at or (206) 386-0021.