* 1. Which learning center are you enrolled in?

* 2. How many weeks of Computer Training have you had?

The questions below will help to determine your Computer Basics Level.
Complete the Task as listed before selecting "Yes" or "No".
Select 'Yes' if you're able to complete the action or 'No' if you cannot.

* 3. Turn your computer On

* 4. Change the Desktop Image

* 5. Create a Folder on the Desktop with your Name

* 6. Launch the Internet

* 7. Complete an Image Search

* 8. Save an Image into your folder on the computer hard drive

* 9. Launch Microsoft Word 2010

* 10. Write a sentence and format the Text

* 11. Insert the saved Image onto the Document

* 12. Format the Image

* 13. Save the document into your folder

* 14. What skills would you like to learn using a computer?

* 15. What is the next computer course you're interested in taking?

Mahalo for working with Ohana Komputer and completing this survey. Please click 'Done' and enjoy your day!