Praxis II review sessions are designed to prepare participants for the exams by concentrating on two keys to success: understanding the exams, and preparing for the exam. Participants will learn test-taking strategies, get familiar with the different types of questions that appear on the Reading and Writing tests, master the many areas of science and math, and work on Praxis practice questions. Two full-length practice tests will be given.
Students will learn to read test questions critically, prepare targeted study plans, and get tips that will improve their chances of passing.

Training:PRAXIS II:

Location: UCA - Math Computer Science building (MCS) 105 and 111
Times: 9:00 am ‐ Noon

November 17, 2012
December 1, 2012
December 15, 2012
January 5, 2013
January 19 2013,

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