Practice Management Readiness Assessment for Local Health Departments

Your completed Readiness Assessment should be submitted when you have determined that your agency is ready to request technical assistance for Practice Management work.  

A lead consultant will be assigned to the agency after you have completed initial fiscal, productivity and staffing assessments based on public health benchmarks and models (pre-work) and submitted the completed Readiness Assessment. The consultant will work with the practice management team to refine your preliminary plan for your Practice Management work, identify best practice strategies, and coordinate consultative support from other programs when needed to clarify programmatic requirements.  Local agencies are responsible for designating leadership and resources to support implementation and ongoing monitoring of the practice improvement strategies. 

The completed Readiness Assessment and data reports should be submitted to Phyllis Rocco at    
Pre-work should include:
·       Designation of Practice Management Lead and/or Team by Health Director
·       All data reports completed, reviewed and analyzed by your agency PM Lead or PM Team:
       o   Practice Management Clinical Workbook (on DPH/LHD/Practice Management website)
       o   Practice Management Financial Workbook (on DPH/LHD/Practice Management website)
After review of reports, identify problem areas/concerns and develop a preliminary plan for your Practice Management work. 

* 1. Local Health Department Name

* 2. Health Director Name (please indicate if Permanent or Interim)

* 3. Contact Information for Designated Lead for Practice Management Team or Project Lead - Include Name, Title, email, phone:

* 5. For clinical services only, what percentage of your total budget is:

* 6. What percentage of your fund balance did your agency draw down (spend) in the current fiscal year?

* 7. What percentage of your fund balance remains for the next fiscal year?