Welcome to our Group Tender - 2019

Welcome to the Nice1 group power and gas programme.  Send us your power bill and we'll get our power partners to give you a competitive quote.

What is Nice1's Power and gas programme?

The combined power spend of Nice1’s customers is approximately $8 million a year. For any individual power retailer, this is a significant amount of revenue and customers. This is a significant amount of revenue recogonised by the power retailers. We have a preferential arrangement in place as we bring groups of business to these retailers.

What Happens if I Participate?

Once you opt in to our scheme, which is explained further below, the process is simple:

- we make sure we have all your power details
- we combine them with other power accounts from our ongoing registration process
- we get quotes from our participating power retailer(s)
- we will analyse the pricing provided
- if you receive a saving of 5% or greater as compared to your existing supply, we will automatically switch you to the winning retailer (unless you are already with them in which case you will have a plan change), accept their standard terms and conditions and communicate this to you
- you will be signed up to a 2 year contract which will be mailed to you by the winning retailer

How do I Participate

Participation is simple, all you have to do is accept our terms and conditions, provide an up to date power bill and we’ll do the rest.

How long does it take?

We aim to submit batches of power accounts for pricing every week. Once submitted we will contact you within three weeks to let you know our results.