Village of Pouce Coupe - Citizen Survey

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The Village of Pouce Coupe has launched an initiative to create an economic development strategy for the community. The strategy will identify economic development opportunities along with targeted implementation initiatives to support local businesses expand, inbound investment, business start-up and workforce development within the community. While theVillage is the catalyst of the strategy it is well recognised that the Village office is only one Economic Development player within the community and region that will be needed to participate in delivering services and programs in order for our community to thrive. 

We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to let us know your thoughts.  We want to ensure all programs & services provide value to everyone involved and through your comments and suggestions we are able to incorporate new ideas and changes that will assist us in this objective.

All of your feedback is 100% confidential and we appreciate your candidness, and honesty.

Please complete before June 5th.