Sainthood Cause for Fr. Aloysius - Questions About the Nature of Testimony

(The actual survey is at the bottom of this page.)

On November 17, 2017, the Episcopal Delegate, appointed by Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, will begin the inquiry into the Fr. Aloysius Cause of Sainthood. Tribunal appointees and the members of the historical and theological commissions will formally begin their work for the cause of Fr. Aloysius.

On this date, Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, the Postulator of the Cause, will present the updated witness list to the Tribunal. Since the cause was delayed for many years, and there is an urgency in receiving the testimony of those who knew Fr. Aloysius, the Church provides that witness testimonies should begin at once, lest any significant testimony be lost (due to the age or health of the potential witnesses, etc.).

The postulator has instructed us to notify those who consider they have useful information (as to the life, virtues, and intercessory power of Fr. Aloysius) to identify themselves. That is the purpose of this witness form.

Where necessary, approved local pastors may take certified depositions at the parish level. This will speed the process. We have less than a month before the Nov. 17th session, so we ask for your timely cooperation.

The following survey will help the Postulator organize the witnesses, according to their age and the nature of their testimony. You should include the year you met Father, the circumstances, and the nature of your testimony. Thank you.

Complete this survey no later than December 25, 2017.

The survey is not intended to be your testimony. Rather, this survey will indicate the urgency of your testimony (eg. if you are elderly, or if you have a serious ailment, we want to know about this), and the kind of testimony you intend to give.

Here are some examples:

1. "I knew Fr. Aloysius from 1959 until his death. I observed him on several occasions during the meetings of the Claretian Guilds held at the Provincial House. I was a witness of his blessings and I saw the following..."

2. "I entered the Claretians in 1948 and Fr. Aloysius was my novice master. This is what I remember about Father Aloysius..."

3. "During the 1950's I was a brother stationed at the Provincial house and I observed how Father Aloysius treated his peers and his subjects. I recall several incidents which indicating his love of our Claretian vocation. What especially comes to mind is the following..."

4. "Mrs. Flocca  told me that Fr. Aloysius had read her soul. Here is how she said it happened... (this is "indirect" testimony, which is also admissable)

5. "I experienced a medical healing through Fr. Aloysius' prayers..., I witnessed a miracle..., Father blessed my son and he was cured. Here are the details..."

6. "I was Father's driver, and he considered me his spiritual son. I had occasion to witness many conversions and spiritual graces, including..."

7. "I accompanied Fr. Aloysius on pilgrimage... or, I met Father in 1972 during his stay in Fatima, Portugal. I remember the following..."

During the actual "Sessions" of the Tribunal, each witness will be interviewed for about an hour. This is when the witnesses are questioned. Normally there will be only one or two witnesses per "Session."

Question Title

* 1. How old are you?

Question Title

* 2. Approximate year you met Fr. Aloysius, and details if you remember.

Question Title

* 3. Over what period of time did you know Fr. Aloysius?

Question Title

* 4. Please describe the "nature" of your testimony about Fr. Aloysius. Your testimony should be factual and truthful. The more concise your answers, the better Postulator will be able to classify the nature of the testimony. 

Question Title

* 5. I would like to add the following:

Question Title

* 6. You have my permission to include me on the witness list to be presented by the postulator to the tribunal:

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* 7. (Optional) Names of other persons you consider would be good witnesses: