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Admissions / Review / Dismissal (ARD) Survey
Thank you for your participation in this survey. It will help us as a group become better at informing and educating you as a parent work through this process so you feel you have a strong knowledge of where your child currently is at a learning level and where we anticipate their learning level to grow.

* 1. Is this the first time you have been involved in the ARD process?

* 2. Did someone discuss the ARD process and inform you of the way "it works" prior to receiving a Prior Written Notification of the ARD Committee Meeting?

* 3. Did you receive a Prior Written Notification of the ARD Committee Meeting at least 5 days prior to the ARD?

* 4. Did you receive draft copies of your child's IEP two weeks prior to the ARD?

* 5. Did you receive your child's evaluation at least two weeks prior to the ARD?

* 6. Do you feel as though the staff was prepared and ready to address the needs of your child?

* 7. Do you feel the meeting was successful and goals / decisions were made in your child's best interest?

* 8. My child's test results were effectively explained to me in a manner easily understood.

* 9. I was given the opportunty to provide input into my child's Individualized Educational Program (IEP).

* 10. Is your child receiving any related services such as Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy? If so, are those services satisfactorily allowing your child to benefit from his / her educational program?

* 11. Services detailed in my child's IEP are provided timely and according to plan.

* 12. I receive reports concerning my child's progress on his/her IEP at least every six weeks.

* 13. I feel valued and am treated with respect at ARD meetings.

* 14. I know at least one person I can call on if I have questions or need information before or after the ARD.

* 15. I feel comfortable asking for information or clarification during the ARD.

* 16. Copies of my child's IEP and other ARD documents are made available to me promptly after each ARD meeting.

* 17. I have a good understanding of the role of the following staff members in the ARD meeting:

  4= Always / Clear 3=Usually 2=Sometimes / Average 1=Never / Unclear N/A= Does not apply
Assistive Technology
Other Related Service Staff
Diagnostician, LSSP, or other evaluators
General Ed Teacher
Special Ed Staff
Principal or Asst. Principal
Speech Therapist (if appropriate)
Visual Impairment
Adaptive Physical Education

* 18. What particular strength have you noticed in working with our Special Education Department?

* 19. If you could improve something about the Special Education Department what would you change?

* 20. I would enjoy receiving training in the following:

* 21. Please feel free to make any additional comments you would like to communicate with us? Thank you!

* 22. Which grade level is your child enrolled?

* 23. Please provide your contact information if you would like to speak with the Executive Director of Special Education with any concerns or suggestions.