Please take a few moments to answer the following questions on your recovery from Superstorm Sandy. If you did not experience any damage from the storm, please proceed to questions 9-12. Your response to this survey is extremely important. Thank you for your time.

* 1. Please provide Company Information:
(In order to obtain a complete assessment, it is important that we have your contact information and facility information.)

* 2. Are you still experiencing issues/challenges collecting insurance money for flood or recovery?

* 3. Have you applied for an SBA loan?

* 4. Have you applied for an EDA Grant?

* 5. Please provide your total amount of uninsured/un-reimbursed losses from the storm: i.e. losses sustained but either underinsured or not covered by insurance at all.

* 6. What percentage of your docks/slips are back in service

* 7. What percentage of your facility, including all buildings, are repaired?

* 8. There may be an opportunity to obtain funding for the purchase of vessel wash waste water systems that were destroyed/damaged in the storm. Are you in need of funding to repair/replace your system?

* 9. Please list any additional comments/issues relating to your storm recovery including any:

-Unmet financial needs
-Dredging Needs
-Rebuilding & Recovery Needs
-Other Challenges or Assistance Needed

Please be as specific as possible. This information will help the MTA/NJ lobby for additional funding and assistance for storm recovery.

MEMBER NEEDS: The MTA/NJ is dedicated to serving member's needs and addressing issues relevant to your growth and success. Please take a brief moment to answer the following membership questions:

* 10. Please share your top concerns and how the MTA/NJ can help you.

* 11. Businesses join the MTA/NJ for many reasons. Please share "all" of the reasons you maintain your MTA/NJ Membership:

* 12. What programs and services would you like the MTA/NJ to consider offering to members?

* 13. Please include any additional comments or anything that you would like to let us know about: