Rentair Offshore is committed to ensuring the best customer satisfaction on every project.

Client feedback is vital in assisting Rentair Offshore to continually improve our service quality for both personnel and equipment.

We kindly request your feedback and scoring for the questions below. 1 being poor and 9 being excellent

* 1. Date:

* 2. Client Name (Organisation):

* 3. Name of Offshore Service Technician:

* 4. Which territory does this job relate to?

* 5. Which sector are you operating in?

* 6. Safety: Did we perform all of our operations in a safe manner?

* 7. Please score Rentair Offshore on the following attributes on a scale of 1 - 9 (1 being poor, 9 being excellent)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Quality - Rentair Offshore equipment is reliable, well maintained and well presented?
Quality - Certification paperwork and service history were provided or available if required?
Quality - Rentair personnel are competent, knowledgeable and helpful?
Service - Rentair Offshore provide good support and service during this project?
Courtesy - Rentair Offshore staff are helpful, well mannered and courteous?
Integrity - Rentair Offshore respond well to detail, supply, timeliness and job support?
Overall Experience - Would result in the re-use and recommendation of Rentair Offshore?

* 8. Client Comments: