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What is your dream for a healthy future?  Collectively writing to clarify the future.

There is so much around us about what is going wrong with our world and, I don't see, a lot about what a really healthy, beautiful and sustainable world could be. 
So, I am asking you to write one paragraph about what a future healthy world would look and feel like.  Just choose one topic and zero in on one special aspect of it.
My dream is your putting an intention out to the world will give a bit of hope to you, as writer, the readers to come and to the world.
Once the paragraph is written I will ask you to give it a category.  When a few people have written something I will put them all together and send them back to all the participants. 
Then you can write something else - following on from what someone else has written or a new topic. 
Looking forward to seeing what happens!

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* 1. Write your paragraph of hope here.....

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* 2. Give it a category so it may be joined up with others that come along.

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* 3. The next step is to send you a copy of what everyone has written so far so please leave an email address.  Your email address will only be used to send the beautiful future writing.

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