What is a Neighborhood Parking Program (NPP)?

Neighborhood Parking Programs are designated for residential areas where there is a scarcity of off-street parking for residents, where the majority of legal on-street parking spaces are utilized by commuters and non-residents, and where residents are experiencing traffic, noise and safety issues.

The Neighborhood Parking Program (NPP) seeks to alleviate a common set of problems found in Portsmouth, where residential neighborhoods are situated in close proximity to non-residential developments such as offices, stores, restaurants, schools, and transit routes. 

Each neighborhood seeking to implement an NPP is responsible for contacting its residents, circulating a petition, and obtaining signatures for a set majority percentage of households within the NPP defined boundaries. Once the Neighborhood is defined and approved, residents may apply for a parking permit. 

To apply for a permit, a resident must show proof of residency within the NPP District, including both a valid NH driver’s license and the motor vehicle registration showing that the vehicle you are obtaining a permit for is registered in your name. 

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