1. Survey for women Part 1

* 1. I am a women between the age of:

* 2. I am

* 3. Do you think it's common for women in your age group to watch pornography?

* 4. Do you ever think about watching a porno movie?

* 5. How often do you watch porn?

* 6. Do you have the same taste in porn as you assume that men have?

* 7. Do you find porn sexually arousing?

* 8. Do you only watch porn with your partner or alone?

* 9. Do you feel self conscious about your body appearance during or after watching pornography?

* 10. Does dirty talking in porn movies arouse you? And what about in real life?

* 11. How important are the decor, set-up, outfits in a porn movie?

* 12. How important is the plot of a porn movie to you?

* 13. How often do you masturbate?

* 14. Have you satisfied all your sexual fantasies?

* 15. Do you recognize some of your sexual fantasies in porn movies?

* 16. Choose the 3 Categories you like the most.

* 17. Choose the 3 Categories like the least.

* 18. Does the attention to facial cumshots and and cumshots in general in porn movies bother you?

* 19. What are your favorite moments in a porn scene?

* 20. Do you enjoy watching a scene with a girl having sex with more then one man?

* 21. Give us at least one comment below about what kind of porn you would love to see more often. Thank you!

* 22. Just to confirm, I am

* 23. Thank you for your participation!
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