As part of our role in promoting and monitoring wellbeing in the Canterbury region, we (Community and Public Health, the Public Health division of the Canterbury District Health Board) are interested in what sources of information about our population’s health and wellbeing you either currently use or would find useful. We are interested in your use of information that describes both health and wellbeing status and information that looks at those factors that may impact on health and wellbeing (such as education, housing and employment). We invite you to complete this 15-20 minute online survey. 
Completion of the survey is entirely voluntary and you can exit the survey at any time. Survey data will only be presented in aggregated form. Quotes from free text responses may be presented in a report of findings. Quotes can be attributed to either your role and/or organisation or, if it is your preference, be anonymous (please make your preferences known on the final page of the survey).
The survey findings will be used to inform our ongoing work in this area. We would like as many responses as possible from a broad range of respondents – please feel free to send this email on to others who may be interested.

Evon Currie
General Manager, Community and Public Health, CDHB

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